Spendge specializes in issuing Visa/MasterCard virtual cards for teams and individual mediabuyers. Spendge virtual cards work great with popular advertising platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Google, TikTok, Bing, and others.

Alyona Spendge
Written by Alyona Spendge

API functionality

API functionality for individual Spendge accounts
The API for individual accounts provides a wide range of functionality, allowing Spendge users to manage their finances effectively.

Card Issuance and Management

The API enables the issuance of cards with flexible parameters, such as choosing the BIN, currency, and 3DS functionality. Users can issue cards with their own balance or link the card to the account balance.

Balance Management

Account owners can easily replenish the card balance and transfer funds from the card to the account balance. This feature facilitates efficient fund management, allowing users to allocate their finances according to their needs.

Transaction History and Search

The API allows users to retrieve the complete transaction history for their cards. Users can access transaction data and use filters to search for specific transactions based on their status. This feature provides valuable insights into spending patterns and enables effective tracking of financial operations.

Obtaining 3DS Codes

The Spendge API provides the ability to obtain 3DS codes necessary for secure and authenticated online transactions. These codes are used for authorization and verification of card transactions and to enhance the security of online purchases.

Account Balance Monitoring

Account owners can receive real-time data on their account balance and track changes using the Spendge API.

Getting Started with the Spendge API:

  • Register an individual account on the Spendge platform.

  • Contact Spendge support to gain access to the API.

  • Complete the verification process and sign a contract.

  • Obtain the API key that grants you access to the API functionality.