Spendge specializes in issuing Visa/MasterCard virtual cards for teams and individual mediabuyers. Spendge virtual cards work great with popular advertising platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Google, TikTok, Bing, and others.

Alyona Spendge
Written by Alyona Spendge

How can I see the history of my account?

Individual account

Go to the Wallets. Next to the account, select the Transactions.

Or you can go to the Transactions tab on the left-side menu.

  • Transactions tab: This tab displays the history of transactions between your Crypto Wallets and Fiat Wallets. Follow the link to see the Transactions tab in detail.

  • Cards Transactions > Accounts tab: This tab displays the transaction history associated with Card Accounts.

  • Cards Transactions > Cards tab: You can view the transaction history of your cards. A detailed description of this tab can be found in our article.

Click Export Transactions to download the transaction history in .csv for the period (by default, you can select a period from 1 to 31 days)

Use the Filter to view the History of the required account for a certain period. You can also filter transactions by type.

(For Individual Account)