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Alyona Spendge
Written by Alyona Spendge

How to set up team account?

Team administrator account

Once you have funded your admin account, proceed with the setup so that team members can get their work started.

Step 1: Create a Team Member and top up their User Account

Go to the Team Management tab and click the Add New User.

Fill in the fields:

  • Account Role - Team member

  • First Name - team member's first name

  • Last Name - team member's last name

  • Email - team member's email address that he will use to log into his account

  • New password - password for the team member's account

  • Confirm Password

  • Card Issue - select the ability of the team member to issue cards

  • Available number of cards - the number of cards the team member can issue

Important: To enter his personal account, a team member uses the email and password that the administrator specifies when creating a new user.

The administrator can change the password for the user's personal account.

Step 2. Top up the balance of a team member

Go to the Team Management tab. Opposite the member you want to replenish the balance, you will see the individual balances of the team member. From these balances, he will replenish cards in the appropriate currency.

Select the User Profile.

In the User Profile, opposite the account you want to replenish, the account balance of this team member is displayed, select the Top Up action.

In the Amount you send, enter the amount you want to top up the team member's account. Click Accept.

The amount will be transferred from the administrator's Card Balance to the team member's User Account.

To withdraw funds from the team member's account to the administrator's Card Balance, select Transfer in the User Profile window next to the account.

Enter the required amount and click Accept.

(For Team Administrator Account)