Spendge specializes in issuing Visa/MasterCard virtual cards for teams and individual mediabuyers. Spendge virtual cards work great with popular advertising platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Google, TikTok, Bing, and others.

Alyona Spendge
Written by Alyona Spendge

Team Administrator Account

The team account is made for optimized teamwork. First, the administrator's team account is created.

The administrator:

  • replenishes the balance of his account

  • creates team members' accounts, and gives access to them

  • distributes the budget among the team members

  • creates cards for team members

  • confirms/rejects requests to transfer additional cards to team members

  • confirms/rejects requests to replenish team members' accounts

  • exports statistics on team members, cards, and team account movements.

Administrator issues, transfers cards, and replenishes the balance of team members. Team member issues cards and tops up cards from their balance. It is important to emphasize that you have an overall balance that you allocate to the team members and their cards.

Cards created by team members appear to the administrator in the Cards tab.

The administrator creates an account for a team member in the Team tab.

In the Requests tab, the administrator fulfills requests from team members.