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Alyona Spendge
Written by Alyona Spendge

The Structure of Spendge Balances

Individual account

The structure of Spendge balances offers convenience for all types of transactions. Balances are displayed in the Wallets section, as well as on the right side and top menus.

Read about how to transfer money between accounts in our article.

Crypto Wallet USDT-TRC20 is an internal crypto wallet for funding, storing, and managing cryptocurrency.

  • Deposit to any of the Fiat Wallets with conversion.

  • Withdraw funds to External Wallets, which are external crypto wallets.

Fiat Wallets - Main fiat wallets that are available in USD, EUR, and GBP.

  • When funding your account, you have the flexibility to choose the preferred currency for depositing money. The corresponding amount will then be displayed after the funding process.

  • You can fund any of the Fiat Wallets directly from an external crypto wallet or Crypto Wallet USDT-TRC20, with conversion based on the exchange rate at the time of funding.

Card Accounts - Card top-up accounts are available in USD, EUR, and GBP.

  • Transfer funds to Card Accounts to replenish Card Accounts balances.

  • Transfer a specific amount to the card or directly link the card to the account.

  • All transactions must occur between accounts and cards with the same currency!

Balance on cards

  • The amount of balance on cards with the selected currency.

  • To update balances after replenishment or transactions, simply click the Reload button.

Transactions between accounts

Below is a description of all available transactions between accounts.

Transactions: Transactions and transfer history

In the Transactions section, you will find the transaction history between your Crypto Wallets and Fiat Wallets.

  • Date: The date and time of each transaction.

  • Transaction Type (Type):

    • Pay In By Crypto: Top up via cryptocurrency.

    • Pay In By Wire: Top up via Wire.

    • Transfer In: Funds are credited to the account.

    • Transfer Out: Transfer from one account to another.

    • Referral: Income from the referral program.

    • Withdraw To Crypto: Withdraw funds to an external crypto wallet.

    • Withdraw To Card: Withdraw funds to a card.

    • Withdraw To Wire: Withdraw funds via Wire.

  • Status: The status of the transaction:

    • Pending: The transaction is waiting to be processed. Once the withdrawal request is submitted, the amount is held in your account.

    • In Progress: The transaction is in progress.

    • Completed: The transaction has been successfully completed.

    • Failed: The transaction has been failed.

    • Reversed: The transaction has been canceled, and the funds have been returned to your account.

  • Fees: Transaction fees. More information about fees.

  • Balance: Wallet balance after the transaction.

  • Actions:

    • Description: A brief description of the transaction.

    • View Details: Details about the transaction.

In Cards Transactions > Accounts, you will see the transaction history related to your Card Accounts.

Below is a detailed description of each column:

  • Date: The date and time of each transaction.

  • Transaction Type (Type):

    • Transfer In: Transactions that were received on Card Balances from Fiat Wallets.

      Transfer Out: Transfers between Spendge Wallets.

    • Transfer To Card: Transactions that are made from your Card Balance to top up your Card Balance.

    • Transfer From Card: Transactions that transfer funds from your Card Balance to your Card Balance.

    • Transfer to Wallet: Funds are transferred to Wallet.

    • Top up: Top up your account.

    • Slots Purchase

    • Payment by card

    • Cashback: Cashback reward.

    • Return from card: Manual return of funds from card to account.

    • Reversed from card: Reversed for a transaction.

    • Refund: Refund from service to card.

  • Sent: Balance type from which the transfer amount was sent.

  • Fees: Fees for the transaction. Read about fees at Spendge.

  • Received: Type of balance to which the amount was credited.

  • Balance: The balance of the account after the transaction.

  • Actions:

    • Description: A brief description of the transaction.

    • View Details: Detailed information about the transaction.

In the Cards Transactions > Cards section, you can view the transaction history of your cards. A detailed description of this tab can be found in our article.

(For Individual Account)